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AR168D and AR168DS Programmers
We provide programmed flash with every AR1688 chip. AR168D and AR168DS programmers were orginally designed for internal use, but more and more customers are using them now.
Both AR168D and AR168DS used RTL8019AS ethernet chip, 2x16 LCD. AR168D is for 40 pin MT28F016S5 flash. AR168DS is for 48 pin SST39VF1681 and MX29LV160CB flash.
AR168D and AR168DS FAQ.
Following the steps to use AR168DS to program for AR168MS module:
1. Download the zipped ar168ms_sip_us_049016_all.bin, or generate it by yourself.
2. Boot up AR168DS programmer, get its IP address, for example
3. Use Windows command line "tftp -i put ar168ms_sip_us_049016_all.bin" to write the file into AR168DS, watch UDP debug output for any errors.
4. Use a web browser to visit, in "IAX2 Protocol" section, find "User Name" and put MAC address like "00-18-1F-01-CB-B0" there, save the settings.
5. While power down, put SST39VF1681 or MX29LV160CB program flash into those sockets, it can write as many as 3pcs at a time.
6. Try the 2 keys on AR168DS, one is '*' and the other is '#', use key combination "***#" to start the writing.
7. Watch closely both LCD display and UDP debug output during the writing process, if anything wrong, go back to step 4, reset MAC and start again. MX29LV160CB program flash need much longer time on erase, need to be patient. And those sockets on AR168DS are used too many times, usually need clean to ensure a good connection.
8. When done, program flash in socket 2 has MAC "00-18-1F-01-CB-B0", in socket 3 has "00-18-1F-01-CB-B1", in socket 4 has "00-18-1F-01-CB-B2", and "User Name" settings is automatically increased to "00-18-1F-01-CB-B3", ready to be used again. Just go back to step 5 to write another 3pcs.
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