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AR1688 software API 0.63.040(0.64 Release Candidate 1) updated on Oct 17, 2015.
AR1688 0.62 software updated on May 29, 2013.
PA1688 1.68 software updated on Jan 21, 2012.

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From WoodySwitch to Chinese's blog:

Oct 14, 2016 Palmmicro Wechat Public Account sz162411
Palmmicro wechat public account sz162411 small size QR code

Nov 11, 2012. Logic Puzzle: Find the Differences ...
Standard AR168R RoIP module photo by an user from Denmark.

Sep 7, 2010. A Hard Day's Night
Soyo G1681 (PA168V/AG-168V) 1-port FXS gateway front view.

Sep 27, 2009. From PA1688 to PA6488 - Safe Mode Recovery
Soyo G1681 (PA168V/AG-168V) 1-port FXS gateway back view.