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PA1688 Software
Software API and most common upgrade files can be found here. Please email us if you can not find what you need. Keep in mind that following files are NOT available here in public:
1. Upgrade files for special devices not compatible with our standard hardware reference design
2. Upgrade files for devices never in mass production status
3. Rarely used upgrade files for common mass production devices, for example an Italian version of software
4. Special OEM upgrade files for common mass production devices
5. Page0 safe mode recovery upgrade files, we do not recommend users to upgrade page0 unless it is 100% necessary
Software API compiler(hlp) and development related: development guide, PA1688 chip register description, multiple language resource translation guide, development training, original PCM files used to generate IVR, early related software document.
User documents: Auto provisioning description, FAQ. Web manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Menu manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP. Telnet manual: SIP IAX2 H323 MGCP.
User Tool: PalmTool
Standard software release:
PA1688 1.68 software updated on Jan 21, 2012.
PA1688 1.66 software updated on Feb 4, 2011.
PA1688 1.64 software updated on Nov 9, 2009.
PA1688 1.57 software updated on Mar 27, 2007.
PA1688 1.54 software updated on Sep 20, 2006.
Test software:
PA1688 1.69 test software.
Other old test software: 1.67 1.65