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SIP2SIP Service

SIP Address:
Username: palmmicro
Password: 28y62d95hw
Outbound Proxy:
SIP Alias:

SIP alias like 33011668 can be added in the Identity web page. By adding an all-digit alias, other user with a hardware phone like GP1266 can dial the number to call palmmicro. AR1688 device user can also put palmmicro in Hot Line Number option field or save palmmicro to phone book and use quick dial to call.

Call Test: 3333
Echo Test: 4444

When using Blink and AR1688 device together in this free service, there is a known problem:
1. If using Blink default configuration, the call is connected in speex 8k codec, which is ok when Blink call AR1688, and no voice when AR1688 call Blink. Maybe there is a bug with speex payload type negotiation
2. If remove speex codec from Blink's preference menu, the call is connected in PCMU, which is ok on both sides.

AR1688 reference setting