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Debug FAQ
Jul 4, 2007
We are ready to support customers in many ways, including phone, MSN and email. Phone calls work well as long as it is made in Chinese. But most of us speak English not as good as American or Indians. I got a few calls from India yesterday, more than half of the time I was guessing what the other side is talking about, and the other half time, I guess the other side was guessing what was my idea too! I like MSN because I grow up with Microsoft software, but I can see many others hate M$ every time my suggestion of using MSN is turned down. How lucky we are, still have email as an effective communication tool, please feel free to send email as much as possible.
Please include the following in all debug email request:
1. Hardware type, like GP1260/1266 from Digitmat, GF302 from High-link, YWH201/601 from Yuxin
2. Software version, we have 0.16 as most recent steady version at present
3. Protocol, SIP or IAX2
4. Language, cn, us, fr, it and many others
5. OEM tag, if the phone has an OEM tag
6. Phone settings in .html format. Users can use their internet browser's "Save As" function to save web settings into a .html file. The file saved may not be able to view in whole by web browser because of security reason, but we can read it in html edit tools like Microsoft Word
7. Detail problem description and best with test accounts for us to repeat the problem
8. Other software and hardware used in the test. Please send us any software used in test as possible to help us repeat the problem
9. Ethernet packet captured in any format
10. PalmTool debug message output. Must enable AR1688 setting's debug option. Send to us in plain text.
11. In some special case, we will request users to run the following command and sent the files page0.dat and page1.dat to us:
tftp -i get page0.dat
tftp -i get page1.dat

Firmware 0.16 Debug FAQ:
1. No audio in call: Check CODEC options and make sure G.723.1 and Speex are not selected
2. No outgoing audio in call:
a. Check RTP port setting to be none-zero, change protocol from IAX2 to SIP will set RTP port to 0
b. Check "Frames per TX" value between 1-7
Updated on Aug 11, 2008
PalmTool is not used for debug since 0.37, use SDCC\bin\manager.exe instead.

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