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PA1688 Miscellaneous
Apr 22, 2004. Woody's presentation on ChinaVoip forum spring conference 2004, Shenzhen.
May 16, 2004. Woody's presentation on 5111soft VoIP business conference, Shanghai.
July 1, 2004. Rob Judd revised Centrality PA168F IP Phone Introduction.
Aug, 2004. PA168V OB-WAN VoIP ATA-2 Specification.
Sep, 2004. Design and application of embedded VolP terminal based on foreground/background system. Authors: GUO Xiao-feng, LIAO Jian-ming. School of Computer Science and Engineering, UESTC.
June 7, 2005. Rob Judd and Podium Vision revised PA1688 Automatic Provisioning Technical Description.
Mar, 2005. Design on VOIP Voice Gateway Based on PA1688. Authors: HUANG Xue-da, WANG Dian-hong, CHEN Fen-xiong. Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, China University of Geosciences.
Nov, 2005. Brendan PA1688 related paper.