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Disable STUN with Asterisk
Apr 3, 2011
Yesterday a Chinese YWH201 user was complaining the phone not working with Freeiris2 system, the login was good but when dial a number, there was always a "wrong number" error. Following our standard debug steps, I asked him to update to the latest 0.52 software and checked the phone settings, everything seemed ok. Then I started to study Freeiris2 web and also search to find what others said about the system. Soon I found it was based on Asterisk. Now the answer was clear, for years we knew that we can not enable STUN on all AR1688 and PA1688 devices when working with Asterisk. After disable STUN on the phone, everything got ok.
We used to test STUN with free services like FWD(free world dialup) and SIPphone(Gizmo5). However, FWD discontinued service in 2008, and Gizmo5 will also no longer be providing service starting on today. We need to find other good test service right now.
GNU Telephony announced GNU Free Call plan last month. And we are also working actively on GNU SIP Witch in addition to our PA6488 SIP development. But when I tried to see what is new just now, I found the web site inactive. What a bad day!

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