The History of Domain

March 26, 2008
In early 1999, Dr Wang founded Palmmicro in Santa Clara and began to use
In late 2002, Palmmicro changed its name to Centrality, the domain registration expired in 2003.
A domain trading company owned it from Dec 25, 2003 to Dec 25, 2007. During this period, Centrality discontinued its PA1688 VoIP business and later acquired by SiRF. We founded Palmmicro again in China, continue our small VoIP business with the new AR1688 chip.
On Feb 5, 2008, the expired domain name came into Redemption Period.
On March 6, the domain name became Pending Delete.
On March 13, the domain was strangely registered by an Oregon domain trading company. I was so disappointed at that time.
On today, March 26, I tried search again, and found the domain name available. I registered it under my name at once.
Last Sep, Dr Wang, Tang Li and me.
Chi-Shin Wang, Tang Li and me in Half Moon Bay.

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